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Trade In Program

We have sold and serviced thousands of Hot Spring Spas since 1986.  As the leader in the hot tub industry, Hot Springs is continuously improving their hot tubs and offering new models and features.  We offer a trade in program for all of our customers that enables both existing customers to upgrade to a new model with a NEW warranty, a NEW cover, and NEW features!

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Why Trade In Your Spa?

  • Convenient delivery and removal of your old spa
  • Receive the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System with your new spa
  • Wireless Bluetooth and Television Entertainment System
  • New & improved matching and locking spa covers in 4 color choices
  • New cover lift systems with pneumatic gas springs
  • Synthetic Everwood Maintenance-Free cabinets in 3 color options PLUS 2 stone options AND custom cabinetry available
  • New soothing color interiors
  • Ergonomically designed seating for your comfort
  • New & improved hydrotherapy jets to enhance your experience
  • Intuitive Set it & Forget it Control Panels – Remembering your favorite settings, resets after power outages, and is accessible from inside and outside of the spa
  • Exterior easy-to-view on and ready indicator lights letting you know your spa is hot and ready
  • Luminescence multi-color zone lighting
  • Soothing Water Features
  • Dishwasher safe RESIN filters
  • 24 hour Continuous Filtration
  • Simple and more natural water care options

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